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eHow Tech editor and bestselling author Dave Johnson joins forces with TV geek personality Nikole Zivalich to help you do more with technology. Imagine a world filled with fun and geeky guests, gadgets, tech trivia, and tips for better living through technology. Now stop imagining, because it's here.
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Feb 24, 2014

We’ve got Flappy Bird Fever this week – Dave and Nikole discuss the most unlikely iPhone game controversy of all time, and explain some ways you can still get your Flappy Bird fix now that it’s no longer in the App Store. Spoiler alert: Despite what you might have heard, you probably can’t buy it pre-installed on a phone on eBay.

We also discuss the Comcast/Time Warner merger and what it means for you.

The big news this week, though, is that we’ve got musician Terri Moeller on the show. Terri was the face, voice, and songwriting talent of Seattle band The Transmissionary Six, and has recently released an EP on vinyl via Kickstarter. So many questions: Why vinyl? What was it like using Kickstarter? What’s a cassingle? Listen to the interview to find out.

Terri also takes the Geek Trivia Quiz for Dean Petrelli of Aurora, CO. Does she answer three Beatles-related questions and win a set of Geeky Scented Candles for Dean? Listen to see.

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Oct 9, 2013

This week, it's all about music. Well, we start with some news: You'll soon be able to use your Kindle during takeoff and landing. Also: A nasty privacy bug in the new Apple iOS 7. Cranky Old Computer Nerd Rick Broida then complains about the new iPhone. "Apple just played us all for suckers," he laments (probably while shaking his fist at the sky).

Radio might be dead (or at least dying) but that's okay, becuase we talk about Internet radio apps for your iPhone. And our guest this week is none other than Kristin Hersh, chief architect of legendary alt rock bands Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave. Kristin talks about the new record, music, and the Internet. If that's not enough excitement for you, she takes the Geek Trivia Quiz, with a pair of ThinkGeek's fuzzy unicorn slippers hanging in the balance. You can enter to win the Quiz during a future episode at