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Feb 24, 2014

Did you notice the Take Back the Internet event recently? No matter how worried you are about the NSA, hackers, and privacy, you might want to find ways to better protect yourself and your identity online. This week, we’ve got a handful of tips for enhancing your anonymity on the Interwebs.

Before we get to that, though, Dave and Nikole talk about new Apple rumors. An iPhone with a bigger screen? A new gesture-controlled Apple TV?

And this week we welcome pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas to the show. Not only did he attempt the formidable 2-story jump known as the Leap of Faith, but Jamie is a phenomenal photographer who has captured some breathtaking shots with nothing more than an iPhone. We talk about skateboarding and how to take better pictures with your iPhone.

Jamie on Instagram:

Jamie's Leap of Faith video:

Jamie also takes the Geek Trivia Quiz for Nancy Hockerman – a Society 6 gift certificate hangs in the balance.

You can enter to have a guest play the quiz for you during a future episode by completing the entry form:


Nov 5, 2013

News: The new Nexus 5. Dave and Nikole talk about the phone and why you should consider Android, whether or not you currently carry an iPhone. Also, Panasonic exit the plasma TV market – what’s that mean for your next TV?

The hot topic this week is how to take better holiday photos. Dave explains how to capture high quality night photos of lighting displays, and suggests a way to capture better family and group photos. Specifically, Dave talks about the Photo Fuse feature in Microsoft’s Photo Gallery.

Rick Broida joins us for his monthly Cranky Computer Geek rant – this time about why he claims to be abandoning Windows 8 once and for all.

Our guest this week is Michael Paul Smith, miniature photographer extraordinaire. Be sure to check out his photos for a sense of why his work is so impressive:

As usual, we subject our guests to the weekly Geek Trivia Quiz. This week, Michael played for podcast listener Joseph Goode, and the prize is a Think Geek Megastomp Panic. You can enter to have a guest play the Quiz for you during a future episode by completing the entry form at