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Dec 17, 2013

As you get ready to go out to holiday parties, be sure to check out this week’s podcast for tips on how to get there and home again safely with the help of your smartphone. We tell you all about apps like Taxi Magic ( for summoning and paying for cabs. And have you heard about services like Uber and ( and Lyft ( We have the scoop on those as well.

Also, be sure to listen to our warning about online pranks that have gotten out of hand: You can seriously destroy your Xbox One or iPhone by following the wrong instructions online.

Our resident Crank Gadget Nerd, Rick Broida, is on hand to tell you all about how you can get a cell phone plan almost for free.

On the show this week is Richard North, the founder & president of WOW! Stuff. He’s on hand to talk about Combat Creatures (, a very cool combat robot “toy” that Dave and Nikole can’t get enough of. Check out some video of them in action:

After the interview, Richard graciously hangs around to take the weekly Geek Trivia Quiz – he’s playing for podcast listener Jane Dorherty, who just might win a set of ThinkGeek Geeky Scented Candles ( Listen to see if she can make her house small like a "retro arcade."

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