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Jan 27, 2014

This week on the show, Dave and Nikole talk about the scariest of subjects: losing your phone or laptop to theft. They talk about the proposed California legislation that would require all smartphones to have a "kill switch," which would make stealing phones far less attractive to criminals, but did you know that all iPhones and many Android phones already have a kill switch and anti-theft tech built in? Dave explains.

They also talk about the fact that Google has acquired Nest for $3.2B. That's billion, with a B. Why goes Google want to know the temperature of your bedroom? Dave and Nikole discuss. That, and Nikole is jazzed about the new Steam Machine.

Our guest this week: Mark Grace from Absolute Software -- he has scary stats like the fact that 63% of people have no protection on their devices, and that 600,000 laptops disappear in North America every year (oh, and less than 3% are recovered). After terrifyiung us with gadget theft statiustics, Mark plays the Geek Trivia Quiz. This week, Charles Duff, from Glendale AZ, might win the Think Geek Tactical BBQ Apron.

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